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Social Media

Social Media is a term which defines many online activities, including content creation and subsequent sharing on the Internet, specially social networks, blogs and Web traffic.

3D Virtual Visit

Enhance your client´s perception of your facilities thanks to one our most avant-garde services.


Send newsletters and special offers to all your clients by e-mail or SMS, in a completely legal way.

Safe Mail Online service to automatically delete spam (unsolicited e-mail), virii, scams and other threats.

Standard applications We have researched and customized the best standard applicactions such as Joomla, OS Commerce or WordPress, to meet the requirements of certain institutions and companies.

Custom e-mail templates Beyond the simple signature or template: transform every e-mail message into a seductive letter conveying your best values.

Advanced Booking Module that expands a currently working website with online room or table bookings.

Clients´ Pics Create a true community around your website, allowing your clients to share the pictures they took when enjoying your services.

Perhaps you already own a website, but you can consider new ways to impact and grow. Our lab introduces its range of online applications to improve your image and your communication with clients. We can offer the best possible price and a complete customization, as all these are 100% in-house developments.

Not many companies invest so many resources to innovate, research and develop new web services.